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Are you looking for a good testosterone booster? Then read this Weider prime review and get to know what this product is like and if it’s worth using it.

What is Weider Prime?

These are capsules with vitamins, microelements, and the extracts of different plants. It is recommended to take 2 capsules together with breakfast or lunch every day.

This is a dietary supplement, not an official medication. The manufacturer claims that this product influences the organism in the following way:

  • increases the level of testosterone in men;
  • helps to gain lean muscles.

But these effects haven’t been tested and confirmed by FDA. So, they can’t be warranted.

Weider Prime Ingredients

The product contains a combination of 10 components. There are vitamins, herbal extracts, and microelements. Some of the ingredients are working while others are useless. And here is a more detailed overview of each component and its properties.

Vitamin D3

It has been proven that this vitamin influences positively the levels of testosterone in men. But it’s effective only if being consumed on a long-term basis in the doses much higher than the daily value. For example, in this research that proves this component to be effective for boosting testosterone, the men were getting 8 daily rations of vitamin D3 during a year. Meanwhile, the dietary supplement we are overviewing now contains only 1 daily value of this substance. And this is most likely to be not enough for reaching the good effect.

Vitamin B6

The scientists confirm the fact that this substance is important for producing testosterone in the organism. So, consuming it in enough doses is useful for men’s health. In the dietary supplement we are overviewing there is even more than a sufficient quantity of this vitamin (5 daily values). So, it really influences positively on the health and hormone balance.

Vitamin B12

According to the words of scientists, this vitamin is very important for nerves and muscles. The lack of it can lead to weakness and cognitive dysfunctions. But there are no researches about the connection between the level of testosterone and this vitamin. So, it’s rather useful but doesn’t influence the hormone balance.


There is some evidence that a high level of calcium is associated with the high level of testosterone. But there is still a lack of data on why and how calcium supplements influence the levels of the men’s hormones.

Also, the same research tells that the too high level of calcium increases the risk of prostate cancer. So, the dietary supplements that contain the high doses of this element should include some components to protect the prostate.


According to the studies, this component shows effectiveness only if the organism had been suffering from its deficit before. The lack of this microelement can lead to the reduction of the testosterone level. But if there is enough zinc in the organism, it’s additional quantity won’t help in producing more men’s hormone.


Some researchers say that this microelement helps to decrease the percentage of fat in the body. But they add that this effect is possible only in the case of a well-balanced diet and doing sports.

DIM (Diindolylmethane)

This substance is extracted from vegetables. This component is rather useful for men’s health because it protects the prostate from enlargement and cancer. And researchers confirm this fact. This component is needed in this product because there are some other ingredients that are harmful to the prostate.

Ashwagandha Root extract

This is the component for improving athletic performance. There are studies that prove this plant to increase stamina. This means that you will be able to train longer and more effectively.

Cordyceps extract

This component is famous in alternative medicine due to its usefulness for sportsmen. And science has proved this fact. According to the research, this mushroom improves stamina while doing cardio exercises. So, this supplement can be useful for runners, swimmers, and other athletes who need to be endurable for reaching better results.

Piperine from Black Pepper

The manufacturer claims that this component helps the organism absorb vitamin B6 better. And, believing the scientists, this is really true.

Weider Prime Side Effects

The manufacturer doesn’t mention any adverse reactions in the official instruction. But according to the reviews from the consumers, sometimes they experienced:

  • digestive problems;
  • headaches;
  • increased heart rate.

Does Weider Prime Really Work?

From the mix of 10 components, only 2 are responsible for the testosterone level. And they don’t boost the hormone artificially, but only help the organism to produce its own one.

So, the effectivity will depend on the individual characteristics of the body. Some people can see the good effect while others won’t experience any improvements. The feedback from the consumers of this dietary supplement is controversial. Some of the people are satisfied. But also many Weider Prime reviews say that the product has brought no effect at all. So, if you want to get the warranted effect better find another product.


If you need some more information check the answers to the most widespread questions about this product.

How much is Weider Prime and Where to Buy it?

The price for 30 capsules (for 15 days) is $29. The product is available on the official website, on Amazon, and in a number of online distributors of dietary supplements.

Is Weider Prime Safe?

Actually, there are no components that are proved to be very harmful. You should only avoid this dietary supplement in case of being allergic to some ingredients that are present in it.

Is Weider Prime Legal?

Yes, this dietary supplement is legal. The product itself is not banned by law. Also, it doesn’t contain any suspicious components. There are only microelements, vitamins, and the ingredients of the plant origin.