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Today you have an opportunity to read the Testrovax review. If you are in the process of choosing a testosterone booster look through the overview on one of such products.

What is Testrovax?

This is a dietary supplement for increasing the level of testosterone in men. It is released in the form of tablets. They contain vitamins, amino acids, herbal extracts, and other components that are believed to help fight low testosterone.

The manufacturer recommends consuming 3 tablets a day together with breakfast. Also, it is noted that you shouldn’t take pills for longer than a month. Then a break for 2 – 4 weeks is needed.

Testrovax Ingredients

There are 16 of them. Testrovax contains the active components of different groups: vitamins, amino acids, and plants. Further, you will find a detailed description of the properties of these ingredients and of the researches on whether they are really effective.

Vitamin B6

There is research that proves this component to take part in the process of testosterone synthesis. So, it can really influence positively on the effectiveness of Testrovax.

Folic Acid

This component can improve the quality of sperm. But it doesn’t influence the level of fertility.

Vitamin B12

This component is useful for the nervous system and muscles. The lack of this vitamin in the organism can provoke the permanent feeling of tiredness and weakness. And Testrovax contains more than enough of it (2,5 daily doses).

D-aspartic acid

This component is not useful in boosting testosterone, but even harmful to its level. There is research that proves this component to decrease the level of men’s hormone in high doses. But in Testrovax, there is not enough quantity of this substance to reach the opposite effect. So, it doesn’t influence anything at all.

Fenugreek seeds extract

This ingredient is popular with alternative medicine lovers due to the ability to boost the level of testosterone. And some studies really proved this fact. So, the dietary supplements that contain these seeds extract can be expected to be effective.


There is a myth about this substance that it can influence hormone balance and improve athletic performance. But the scientists have disproved it. So, this is not a working component.

Japanese Knotweed root

This plant contains resveratrol, the active substance due to which this herbal component is interesting for the manufacturers and consumers of dietary supplements. And this is not only an opinion of the representatives of alternative medicine. According to the official studies, this very substance can really increase the level of testosterone.

Extracts of grape seeds and skin

These components are listed as two different ones in the instruction. But we overview them as the one because they are based on the same plant. 

Rhodiola Rosea

This plant is famous in alternative medicine for being a stimulator. Meanwhile, there is research that shows that this plant doesn’t significantly influence the level of testosterone. Also, it doesn’t improve any physical performance. But still, it has some positive effect. It can stimulate psychomotor performance.

Licorice root

It’s hard to say why the manufacturer has added this component to Testrovax. According to different studies, this plant either doesn’t influence the level of testosterone at all or even reduces it, but never increases.

Red Clover

According to the scientists’ words, this plant can increase the testosterone level. The mechanism of the effect is not fully understood, but at least it really exists.

Damiana leaf

This herbal component seems to be useful. There is evidence that it is effective in treating sexual dysfunction.

Ashwagandha root

This component makes Testrovax be useful for sportsmen. According to the words of researchers, it can improve stamina. So that the athletes can train longer and get better results.


This component has been proved to increase the level of testosterone. It influences the libido and erection positively, so, it can be useful for those who have problems with sexual life.


According to the studies, this plant has an immunomodulating and antioxidant effect. But there are no researches that confirm its positive influence on the testosterone level.

Testrovax Side Effects

Despite the fact that this is not a drug but only a dietary supplement, the manufacturer warns customers about the risks. The following side effects are mentioned in the instruction:

  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • troubles while falling asleep;
  • being nervous;
  • tremors;
  • rapid pulse;
  • a high level of aggression;
  • feeling too much confident;
  • too high libido.

The manufacturer also notes that if the adverse reactions are very significant you should stop using Testrovax.

Does Testrovax Really Work?

There are a few components that are proved to be effective. So, Testrovax can really help to increase the level of testosterone in the male organism. 

Also, it’s possible to say that Testrovax is more effective for men who want to improve their sexual life than for sportsmen. As there are no components that have been proved to increase athletic performance.

But at the same time, this product has many side effects that appear quite often.

 Also, there are many other risks. For example, Testrovax is dangerous for people with different health problems. So, it can’t be used by them (read more detailed about this further, in FAQ).

Is this worth to treat one problem (low testosterone) and get many others instead (like increased heart rate, headaches, dizziness, and others). Of course, no.

So, if you want only to feel better as a man without numerous side effects then you should find another, safer product


Here are the most important questions about Testrovax, and the answers to them.

How much is Testrovax and Where to Buy it?

This product is available in different stores that specialize in dietary supplements. The average price is $65 – $80 for 90 tablets (30 days of treatment).

Is Testrovax Safe?

This dietary supplement is rather dangerous, and even the manufacturer recognizes it. Here is why we can’t say that Testrovax is safe:

  • There are many side effects. The most widespread of them are headache, dizziness, nervousness, insomnia, increased heart rate.
  • The product has a lot of contraindications. Here is the list of them mentioned on the package of this dietary supplement: increased or decreased blood pressure, arrhythmia, previously experienced stroke or heart attack, other heart problems, anemia, the diseases of the liver, problems with the thyroid, diabetes, mental disorders (depression, anxiety, or others), enlargement of the prostate. Also, the manufacturer notes that this is not the full list of contraindications. So, you should consult a doctor before deciding to take these pills.
  • The overdose is dangerous. The manufacturer warns that you shouldn’t take more tablets than it’s recommended in the instruction. Otherwise, it can make side effects more significant and lead to the health problems connected with the too high testosterone level.
  • These pills can’t be taken together with some other drugs. For example, it’s written on the package that it’s dangerous to take Testrovax if you are receiving the treatment with MAO inhibitors. Also, you should compulsorily consult your physician before starting to use Testrovax in case if you are taking other drugs.

Is Testrovax Legal?

Yes, Testrovax is legal. It doesn’t contain any components that are banned by law. Actually, it’s not even a medication, just a dietary supplement. So, you can buy it freely without any prescriptions from a doctor.