Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone Enanthate is one of the most in-demand steroid compounds to gain muscle mass, raising power indication in bodybuilding and other powerlifting sports. Testosterone is a classic steroid compound that influences greatly mass gaining and power-boosting by increasing efficiency during training. Its usage is highly widespread among bodybuilders and powerlifters. It’s a good activator of organism strengths, metabolism processes’ modification, and a contraceptive.

What is Testosterone Enanthate?

Testosterone Enanthate is one of the most popular injectable steroids produced on testosterone ester basis that is decomposed in oil. This steroid assures constant and equal absorption of the main active component in the blood. The peak of its ejection to the blood occurs in the first days after its administration and its level is lowering gradually in the next 2 weeks. Hence, a sportsman can get strength progress and muscle rapid growth. Nowadays, despite sports goals, Testosterone Enanthate is used in medicine to trait a lack of natural testosterone.

Main Uses of Testosterone Enanthate

Lots of sportsmen use this compound because they can achieve strength level growing and muscle increasing in a short time. The reason is its strong anabolic and androgenic effect. the only disadvantage is mass growing with great liquid retention. At the same time, liquid retention allows a sportsman to increase strength showings and minimize pain in joints and attachments. Therefore, lots of sportsmen apply Testosterone Enanthate not only to gain muscle mass but also to enhance strength indicators.

Testosterone Enanthate helps to achieve great outcomes in a combined cycle with Sustanon, Turanabol, Primobolan, Methandienone, Trenbolone, and Nandrolone. While using Testosterone a sportsman can get the following results:

  • the extreme growth of muscle mass
  • strength showings progress
  • sexual characteristics formulation stimulation, male genitals developing 
  • influence on spermatozoids developing
  • joints & attachments pain disposal
  • regeneration process acceleration
  • motivation boosting and improving the organism’s state
  • an increasing number of red blood cells.

Bodybuilders use Testosterone Enanthate to regain strength and restore muscles after rigorous training. It adds living energy, improves the metabolism process, and fosters protein synthesis.

While Test E administration it’s essential to change training regime:

  • it’s recommended to decrease the rest period between training up to 2 days
  • follow the daily regime to restore the organism
  • the training should last up to 2 hours
  • increase weight constantly, practice intensive training.

The main acting effect of Testosterone Enanthate is stamina increasing while physical activity. It’s also suitable while drying before the contests. The steroid helps you to make your body shaped and shredded, burn subcutis fat, increase libido, and avoid heart attack occurrence.

Therefore, Testosterone Enanthate positive influence occurs in the following features:

  • protein synthesis acceleration, quick weight gaining
  • liquid retention that effects on quitting pain appearing in the joints
  • psycho-emotional state improving
  • sexual desire growing
  • good contraceptive
  • achievement of new highs and goals.

Testosterone Enanthate Cycle and Dosage

Testosterone Enanthate is digested slowly, so it has to be applied up to 2 times a week, but not every day. This compound isn’t suitable for females, because of the strong masculinization effect.

If to use Testosterone Enanthate solo cycle, then follow the next steps:

  • it should be injected twice a week after the full medical consultation. The dosage can be 200-500 mg, but the precise dose is determined individually. It’s recommended to inject 250 mg for a beginner to track organism reaction on this steroid. This dosage is totally safe. The cycle duration is 2-2.5 months that is ended with post cycle therapy.
  • Testosterone + Provision. The latter is applied to avoid estrogen side effects of testosterone, its cycle looks like:

1-3 weeks – Testosterone Enanthate

3-8 weeks – Testosterone E + Proviron

9 weeks – Proviron

While Testosterone administration a sportsman should keep on healthy nutrition: balanced and regular meal 6-8 times a day. It’s recommended to exclude junk food. The nutritional meal state should be 20% more than muscle growth.

So, the average lasting period of Testosterone Enanthate cycle is 7-10 weeks, injections are applied 1-2 times in a week. When combining Testosterone with other steroids, the dosage should be calculated by a personal couch. In the case of prolonged administration, Testosterone Enanthate is contracted with Gonadotropin.

While solo Testosterone cycle you can get up to 10 kg for 8 weeks and strength growth up to 20-30 kg for a working weight. Speaking about the combined cycle, Testosterone is a universal compound. It can be mixed with all steroids, depending on your goal. To increase mass and power Testosterone Enanthate can be combined with Methane, Nandrolone, Trenbolone, Anapolone. To get more dried and quality muscles it’s better to mix it with Oxandrolone, Winstrol, Masteron, and Turinabol.

To know what combination is more suitable for you, first consult your doctor who will help you to set your administration cycle concerning personal physical data.

Testosterone Enanthate Side Effects

Testosterone Enanthate has many side effects, typical for such products:

  • it tends to aromatization, changing into estrogens. So, it requires using antiestrogens to prevent edema, female-pattern fat deposition, gynecomastia.
  • it reduces natural testosterone level.
  • Testosterone administration should be well-considered to avoid oppression pituitary and hypothalamus functioning.
  • standard side effects may also occur like hair loss, aggression, acne, high blood pressure increasing, headache.

When a sportsman is using testosterone or any anabolic steroid more than a particular dosage, it causes hormonal fluctuations:

  • in males, it occurs in: testosterone lowering, testicles atrophy, infertility, and sexual function decline.
  • in females, testosterone can result in excessive hairiness, voice pattern lowering, breast size drop, hair loss, menstrual disorder. even if you stop steroid administration, most of these effects remain constant.

Among young Testosterone users, the growing process can stop that results in dwarfing.

In the case of constant Test Enanthate administration, there’s a high risk of cardiovascular diseases, heart attack, and cerebral crisis. Steroids also weaken heart rate. Additionally, its use can result in diabetes, hepatitis, HIV infection.

Testosterone also affects the central nervous system that is depicted in mood swings, depression, despondency, psychosis, etc.

Water retention caused by Testosterone Enanthate administration is a tough dilemma for bodybuilders. An athlete can become strong and massive easily and in a short time, but his muscles will look plain, fade, weak, and tumid in several weeks.

The next issue is its strong aromatization effect that means it turns into estrogens. This results in fat accumulation. But some sportsmen use 1000 mg and more a day and they don’t suffer from feminization side effects. Such bodybuilders can train 6 times a week and twice a day and they become even much stronger and bigger.


Is Testosterone Enanthate Safe?

This steroid is included in the list of safe compounds. That means if to abuse TRT dosage, side effects risk will be minimal. Nevertheless, it can cause some harmful effects on the organism in case of constant administration.

Is Testosterone Enanthate Legal?

Testosterone Enanthate is a European analog of the US steroid Testosterone Cypionate. It’s enlisted into the Schedule 3 of the Controlled Substances Act of the anabolic steroids and Schedule 4 of the Controlled Substances in Canada.

How to Take Testosterone Enanthate?

The average TRT dosage is 250-750 mg weekly. This range depends on physical state of an athlete and his experience in steroid usage. So, if you’re a beginner, your dose is 250-300 mg in a week that is enough to gain desired results.

Where to Buy Testosterone Enanthate?

Testosterone Enanthate is widely spread in the market, the vast majority of manufacturers produce it, so there’s a chance to trap on its black analog. The most trusted and qualitative testosterone producer is Balkan Pharmaceuticals. You can purchase this compound in the reliable specialized websites that cooperate with the pharmaceutical companies’ official dealers.

How Long Does Test E Take to Kick in?

After its injection, the highest testosterone concentration in the blood occurs in the first several days. The compound continues to act during the next 2 weeks with gradual effect lowering. Its acting period is 14-16 days.

How Long Does Test E Stay in Your System?

Testosterone half-life period lasts for 60-100 minutes after its absorption into the blood. Testosterone Enanthate is quite a strong and effective steroid that has a lasting effect after its administration – up to 15 days. Because of such an acting result, it’s injected 1-2 times a week. It can be detected in your system for 2 months after its last usage.


So, Testosterone Enanthate is a complex chemical composition that is an analog of natural testosterone. The organism won’t take it as a foreign compound, so any allergic reaction will occur. While its administration can build your weight and boost strength, but all this can run down at the end of the usage. Hence, to prevent rapid mass decrease it’s vital to set aright and useful post cycle therapy.