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If you want to increase the level of testosterone in your blood for brighter sexual life and more effective trainings you need to choose a testosterone booster. And today we will overview one of such remedies. Read this Testopel review and find out what it is, how it works, what side effects it has, and other important details.

What is Testopel?

This is a testosterone booster, a medication that helps to increase the level of testosterone in the blood. This remedy is released in the form of special pellets that are implanted under the skin. They slowly give testosterone to the blood. So, their effect lasts from 3-4 months (sometimes a bit longer, up to 6 months).

As the doctor implants Testopel under the skin, there is no risk that anyone else can contact with the remedy or you forget to use it and the effect will lower. But the disadvantage of such a release form is that you can’t stop using the remedy immediately if you see that it is not appropriate for you.

Also, you can’t use it by yourself. You should go to the physician to get pellets implanted under the skin. If you are going to use Testopel on permanently you will have to visit a doctor one time per 3-4 months.

Testopel Ingredients

In every pellet, there is 75 mg of testosterone. This is the synthetically produced in the laboratory analog of natural men’s hormone. It has an influence on sexual health and muscle strength. This is the only active ingredient that is present in Testopel. Also, there are additional components that don’t have any effect. They are:

Testopel Side Effects

This product has quite a big number of spillover effects. They are mentioned in many Testopel reviews from the persons who have used it. Also, they all are listed in the official description of this medication. So, the most widespread of them are:

  • too frequent or too long erections;
  • feeling nauseous;
  • vomiting;
  • skin redness;
  • swelling of limbs.
  • alopecia (reduction of the hair on the head);
  • enhanced hair growth on the body;
  • headaches;
  • depression;
  • feeling anxious;
  • bad mood.

One more serious spillover effect is that Testopel increases the risk of blood clots forming. If the one appears in the limbs, there are the following symptoms: pain in the affected area, the red color of the skin, swelling. If it is located in the lungs, it can be identified by such signs: pain in the chest, having trouble breathing. If blood clots were found in the organism, they should be immediately treated by a doctor. Also, Testopel pellets should be urgently removed for no more releasing testosterone to the organism.

Moreover, in a long-term perspective, Testopel can cause gynecomastia — abnormal enlargement of breast in men.

Also, there are some side effects that are related to the form of the production of Testopel. Its implantation under the skin can cause the following complications:

  • pain in the patch of skin where the pellet was implanted;
  • bleeding at this area;
  • the emergence of the bruise;
  • itching;
  • inflammation (if it’s serious it can require treatment).

Moreover, if the dosage has been chosen incorrectly, there is a risk of very serious health problems, such as:

  • heart attack, infarction;
  • cerebrovascular accident (stroke);
  • liver malfunction;
  • problems with the mental state (aggression, depression, paranoia, mania, hallucinations, and others).

Does Testopel Really Work?

The product shows effect within some time after implanting because testosterone is released into the blood slowly and gradually. So, don’t expect it to work immediately after visiting the doctor. Also, the problem is that you can’t stop using this medication at once if you see that it’s not appropriate for you. You need to have the pellet removed surgically by a doctor.

So, if you need a fast effect it’s better to pay your attention to the other products for enhancing testosterone level.


Here are the answers to the questions that are the most widely asked.

How Much is Testopel and Where to Buy it?

1 pellet of the product (contains 75 mg of the active component) costs on average $110. The product is often sold in the packages of 10 pellets (such a set costs $1100).

The product is available for purchase in any drugstore. You can buy it online and offline. The only compulsory condition is that you need to have a prescription from a doctor. Otherwise, you have no right to purchase Testopel.

Is Testopel Safe?

The usage of this medication runs some risks:

  • It has many side effects. Some of them are rather unpleasant (for example, headaches, nauseousness, and vomiting — they can worsen the quality of life).
  • It can provoke gynecomastia — breast growth in men.
  • It enhances the risk of a heart attack that can lead to death. This fact is mentioned in the official description of the medication.
  • The usage of Testopel can cause blood clots that are dangerous to life.
  • Not all people can use this product. The contraindications are breast cancer, prostate enlargement, prostate cancer.
  • The people who use this product have an increased risk of prostate problems (enlargement, cancer).
  • It can’t be used simultaneously with the medications that make blood thinner. It can lead to bleedings.
  • The product can be dangerous for the persons who have got problems with the liver, heart, kidneys. So, the usage of Testopel if you suffer from the diseases of these organs can be very careful and under the watchful eye of the doctor.
  • Sometimes Testopel causes strong allergic reactions. And as the remedy is implanted under the skin you can’t stop using it at once. You need to go to the doctor in order to remove the pellet. This takes time. And if an allergic reaction is very hard (anaphylactic shock, for example) it can lead to very serious consequences if the palette is not removed immediately.
  • Overdose is very dangerous. It causes severe health problems (for example, mental disorders) and can lead even to death (from a heart attack or stroke). So, before using this product you should consult with the experienced doctor who will carefully choose the needed dosage.

So, Testopel can’t be called a safe medication. It has a lot of spillover effects. Some of them are just unpleasant, while others are dangerous for health and life. So, if you want not to be worried about your health better choose another testosterone booster. This one can be used only under the supervision of a highly qualified physician.

Is Testopel Legal?

Yes, it is. This remedy is not prohibited by law. But you can buy it legally only if you’ve got a prescription from a doctor. Buying a fake prescription is illegal.