Sustanon is a medicinal product that combines several testosterone esters. Organon company was the first entity that started to produce this compound in the 70s for therapy and to normalize testosterone synthesis. Now Sustanon is widely used in the sports industry like other steroids. 

It’s also known as Sustaretard, Sust 250, Sustager the original compound is produced by the Netherland pharmaceutical company Organon. But the user should be cautious of its fake analogs.

What Is Sustanon?

Sustanon is a popular injectable steroid widely used by various sports disciplines’ sportsmen due to its comprehensive indication. The main advantage of the compound is that its effect shows up even after little dosage that results in quality mass gaining and strength increasing.

The next benefit is prolonged acting because it’s formulated of 4 testosterone esters that act by turns. The key task of Sustanon is to keep up the natural testosterone level in blood with the help of Propionate, Phenylpropionate, Ozocapronate, and Decanoate compounds.

Main Uses of Sustanon

Sustanon 250 has a wide range of acting. The main purpose is to fulfill poor testosterone quantity in the organism. Although, it can be applied for the following objectives:

  • To gain muscles quickly. The compound starts to act just in a day after its injecting.
  • Sportsmen may notice appetite increasing. Thus, while this steroid administration an athlete should adhere to a healthy diet that contains proteins and fiber.
  • After Sustanon administration cycle sexual function namely erection and libido normalize in males.
  • This medicinal product assists adults to lose weight without any harm to the organism. 
  • As Sustanon sustains testosterone level proportionally, the metabolism process is improving, lipoproteins and triglycerides level is decreasing in the blood.
  • It improves bone mineral density and boosts muscles without bulking effect. It also helps to keep skin natural and fresh, and the body will look fit after weight loss with no extreme loose skin.
  • Sustanon is used for boys who suffer from stunt and puberty delay to foster growing process and secondary sexual characteristics developing.
  • It’s used to increase strength and stamina due to red blood cells boosting that provides oxygen transportation in the tissues.
  • Athletes weightlifters use Sustanon to build their muscles and increase strength. It’s very usable, so there’s no need to inject it frequently. Moreover, muscles don’t ruin at all even while being on a low-carbon diet. 
  • Sustanon is suitable for transsexual women for masculinization to develop secondary sex characteristics.

Being a sports steroid it features can be as follows:

  • its activity in the organism is 18-20 days;
  • its detection time in the blood is not exceeding 3.5 months.

Sustanon facilitates developing strong physical abilities by giving the best of yourself with much bigger weight. It assists bodybuilders to avoid overtraining and fatigue.

Sustanon Cycle and Dosage

The Sustanon week cycle is 250-500 mg. Such a dosage may be suitable for the majority of sports goals. So, it’s possible to gain 6 kg of muscles at the end of the cycle. Experienced athletes can use even more Sustanon dose up to 1000 mg weekly. But a personal doctor should control its administration thoroughly. 

The cycle lasts for 6-8 weeks. A sportsman should take a therapy cure at the end of the Sustanon cycles in combination with constant training. It’s Connected with Sustanon effect on the testosterone pathway. It’s recommended to add aromatase retarders to the administration after 2 weeks of Sustanon using and to administer it during the next 2 weeks. To restore natural testosterone production you should start post cycle therapy in 3 weeks after finishing Sustanon administration.

Sustanon can be combined with Nandrolone if you want to gain muscle mass, and with Winstrol – to get shaped and shredded body. Due to esters’ perfect combination, Sustanon is starting to act just after the injection and stays active for 30 days. A sportsman gets extreme power growth and increases muscle mass.

Sustanon is injected 1 time in 3 weeks only (for medical purposes). Someone supposes that it is a joint cycle, but it’s not exactly, because each its compound turns into testosterone only.

For women, Sustanon is prescribed in case of osteoporosis, breast and gonad cancer, endometriosis, myoma, and periodical bleeding. It’s also forbidden to use for people who suffer from cancer, liver failure, diabetes, heart attack, and pregnancy.

Generally, the Sustanon cycle is recommended for males only, because it fosters extreme testosterone levels growing particularly in females. So, it’s just a good option to get masculine features.

Sustanon Side Effects

In case an athlete uses this compound in high doses Sustanon side effects may occur:

  • Prostate cancer and difficulties to detect it.
  • Blood system problems – polycythemia or a great number of white blood cells and platelets appearing that can cause various thrombotic events.
  • Nervous system changes like depression, increased irritation, mood swings, libido level rapid changes.
  • Skin cover issues – acne appearing, intense itching.
  • In case of an overdose in males’ own sex hormone stops its production, self-tapering action to this compound occurs. It can result in testes function atrophy if the total Sustanon 250 cycle lasts for more than 2 months.
  • In some cases, Sustanon can affect hair loss, prostate problems. Some sportsmen complain about temperature increase while its using.
  • Sustanon stores liquid in the organism, so it’s not recommended for use while the drying period.
  • Accelerating face hair growth, thus it’s not recommended to use for females, because of testosterone level boosting.

At any time Sustanon can shift from testosterone into estrogen, a female hormone, that changes the body according to the female type. To prevent this side effect an athlete should consider other additional compounds administration together with Sustanon.


Is Sustanon Safe?

Sustanon can affect fewer side effects if to use it after doctor’s consultation and by adhering to personal dosage volume. To avoid and minimize estrogens influence, it’s recommended to use antiestrogens.

Is Sustanon Legal?

Sustanon is a legal product but keep in mind it’s wide-spread on the black market. Its fakes are produced as usual in Portugal, Russia, and India. The original Sustanon is made in the Netherlands only and is packed in glass ampoule with a paper tag. Sustanon 250 in medicine bottles is 100% a black compound and there are no common features with original Sustanon: according to testosterone storage conditions it can be kept in glass ampoules only, rubber top is forbidden.

How to Take Sustanon?

The Sustanon cycle lasts 10 weeks at the max. It can be injected 1 time a week at a dose of 250-500 mg intramuscularly. A post cycle therapy is recommended to start at the end of the full cycle.

Where to Buy Sustanon?

You can buy Sustanon in the official steroid dealers who can guarantee the originality of their products and have a license. It has to be included in the list of registered medicinal products of the country, hence you’ll get 100% legal compound.


Sustanon is a hormone oil-based product that is a mix of 4 testosterone esters of different lasting action. It’s the most popular steroid among bodybuilders that can increase the male hormone level in blood. Thus, if your organism produces less testosterone, you’d better use Sustanon and your problem will be solved.