Halotestin is quite a common steroid of the anabolic androgenic group that fosters strength and stamina improving. It’s highly-prized in the bodybuilding industry due to its activity. So, musclemen can upgrade their strength showings quickly and muscle mass quality. Halotestin is applied before sports contests to lower weight loss and to influence on psychological attitude to become more confident and concentrated. 

What is Halotestin?

Halotestin or Fluoxymesterone is a tableted anabolic steroid that possesses a frank androgenic and anabolic action. It’s mainly used to increase strength, muscle density, and aggression avoiding total body weight growing and is highly popular among professional sportsmen.

Due to its specific effect, Halotestin cycle is used by strength athletes who aren’t willing to increase their weight grade. Boxers and other martial art sportsmen also use it before the contests. Halotestin is believed to be the strongest anabolic androgenic steroid that is 18 times more intense than testosterone. This compound was used to treat puberty delay in males, men’s hypogonadism, and breast cancer in females. For now, Halotestin is used no more in medicine.

Main Uses of Halotestin

Halotestin is used primarily when an athlete wants to get a greater increase in strength than in muscle mass. It also brings another positive impact on sportsman’s productivity:

  • Halotestin improves aerobic showings in athletes that are connected with its ability to stimulate hemoglobin synthesis. Besides, more red blood cells amount can transport oxygen to the cells effectively. 
  • Sportsmen use Halo steroids to gain a wide range of physical results: boosting muscle rigidity and get the body more shaped and facilitate aggression growth.
  • Halotestin can be applied for fat burning as it increases fat acid acidification in muscle fiber. This steroid increases oxygen amount in the blood, therefore stamina is enhancing and addressing epidermal fat.

Halotestin usage in medicine may occur for the following purposes:

  • muscle form support and tissues recovery after various infractions and hurts like a burn, fractures, denutrition, muscle mass loss, paraplegia treatment;
  • it’s highly not recommended to use for women because of its strong anabolic androgenic effect. But as for medicinal purposes it can be used to treat chronic uterine bleeding and breast cancer.

The steroid gained wide popularity in bodybuilding, powerlifting, athletics, wrestling, boxing, and other martial arts sports due to personal energy, motivation, and self-confidence raising that helps to win in competitions. In bodybuilding, Fluoxymesterone is used mainly during the preparation period before the competitions to gain muscularity and muscle firmness, and also to achieve drying effect. If bodybuilders will improve their appearance and get shaped body, then powerlifters or weightlifters will significantly increase strength and won’t gain mass that is a key parameter for them.

Halotestin problem is in its high hepatotoxicity and negative cholesterol changing. Hence, medical workers refuse using it for any treatment, but for androgens deficit in males only.

This steroid doesn’t cause water retention in the organism and it doesn’t aromatize, so sportsmen can be sure about avoiding gynecomastia.

Halotestin can be used singly and in combination with other androgenic steroids, for example, with Trenbolone or Nandrolone. While drying period it combines well with Primobolan and Boldenone. Halo brings excellent results with Stanozolol and Oxandrolone, but such a mix can affect liver functioning.

Halotestin Cycle and Dosage

Halotestin tablets are acting for 9 hours in the organism and it can be detected while a doping test within 2 months after its administration. Sportsmen use Halo steroid occasionally for a cycle administration. It’s likely to use this product for preparation before the competition. A daily dosage is 10 mg, 20 mg at the maximum. If to administrate Halotestin during the cycle, then it can last for 4 weeks, no more than 6 weeks

The day after cycle administration completion an athlete should start post cycle therapy. Tamoxifen and Clomid can be used for it. As Halotestin is applied one-time before a competition, a post cycle therapy can be applied if the cycle exceeds 4 weeks.

It’s not recommended to use Halotestin for more than 6 weeks because it can affect negatively sexual function. Its combination with other anabolic compounds doesn’t bring noticeable results, thus Halotestin is used singly.

If an athlete wants to increase muscle mass, he can use Halotestin and Testosterone Enanthate. The latter is applied in injecting form. Such a cycle lasts for 10 weeks.

Based on the pros & cons balance, it’ll be reasonable to take Halotestin before contests to get two main effects – to increase strength and aggression.

If you missed dose administration, you should take it as soon as possible. If the administration is nearing, you can skip the previous one and continue to adhere to your usual schedule. Do not take an extra dose to compensate for a missed one.

Halotestin tablets effect may change if a sportsman takes other drugs or nutritional supplements at the same time. In this case, it’s better to consult a doctor and tell him/her about all compounds, vitamins, and dietary supplements you apply. Your physician will make the right plan for Halo taking to avoid negative interactions and minimize side reactions.

Halotestin Side Effects

Scientific researches proved that Halotestin predominates testosterone 19 times more by the anabolic effect and 8.5 times more by the androgenic influence. While Halotestin administration a sportsman can face with the following side effects:

  • hyperplasia
  • benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • the rising risk of cancer diseases
  • liver pain occurrence and liver cells deterioration
  • sexual function deterioration

Halotestin is highly toxic for liver functioning. Sportsmen who used this compound were suffering from liver enlargement and painfulness. This product oppresses the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal system.

While using athletes may face negative Halotestin results: 

  • acne and oily skin, hirsutism, male-pattern baldness, seborrhea.
  • nose bleeding
  • frequent headaches
  • pain in the digestive tract 
  • natural testosterone pathway suppression
  • for the endocrine and urogenital system: for females – amenorrhea and other menstrual disorder, virilization. In males, it may result in gynecomastia, excessive frequency and length of erection, oligospermia.
  • liquid level breakdown: Natrium, Chloride, water, Calcium, Calium retention
  • shortness of breath even with light physical loading
  • excessive thirst, muscle weakness, fatigue, and anxiety.

This anabolic androgenic steroid is used by males only, it’s undesirable to apply for sportswomen because of high risk to harm women’s health.

Halotestin can also influence the digestive system, sickness, dizziness, and insomnia. It’s recommended to start using this compound after a screening test-taking and doctor’s consultation. 


Is Halotestin Safe?

While any anabolic steroid administration you should know well your dosage and cycle lasting period not to exceed it. Otherwise, side effects may occur. It’s very strong oral product, so it’s highly undesirable to us it if some health problems or other contraindications exist.

Is Halotestin Legal?

Fluoxymesterone is a monitored compound according to the Controlled Substances Act of the anabolic steroids. Halotestin tablets are included into the Schedule III in the USA.

How to Take Halotestin?

Halotestin average dosage is 5-40 mg daily. The appropriate dose is set according to athlete’s individual needs and organism acceptability. Cycle length is 2-4 weeks, but no more than 6 weeks. A prolonged usage can result in injuries appearing because of water loss. It performs well in conjunction with testosterone and Nandrolone, and with growth hormone and peptides.

Where to Buy Halotestin?

You can buy Halotestin online in the official representatives’ websites of the original manufacturers who cooperate with the pharmaceutical companies directly and guarantee high quality and production originality.


Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin) fits for those who is eager to boost sports spirit, aggression, desire to gain new destinations and knock himself out during the training up to 200%.