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Sportsmen often need testosterone boosters for maintaining a high level of testosterone, improving their performance and recovery after training. And it’s hard to choose from a wide range of products available in the modern market. Only the true overviews of different remedies can help those who don’t want to try all the possible variants on themselves. So, today we will look at one of the products expected to help sportsmen with their hormone balance. In this Alpha Test review, we will compare the promises of the manufacturer with the actual facts.

What is EVL Test?

These are tablets with vitamins, microelements, and herbal ingredients. This is not a medication, just a dietary supplement. The manufacturer says that this product can help to:

  • improve athletic performance;
  • increase muscle strength;
  • make a sportsman more resilient;
  • make the sleeping deeper, and help a person recover after training better.

For reaching the promised effects the manufacturer recommends taking 4 tablets a half an hour before you’re going to sleep. Also, it’s said that it’s better not to eat anything for 2-3 hours before taking pills. This can be not very convenient because you need to swallow 4 big tablets at a time.

Now let’s overview all the components for a better understanding of this product.

EVL Test Ingredients

This dietary supplement contains vitamins, microelements, and the components of plant origin. Let’s compare the manufacturer’s promises about the ingredients with their real properties shown by the official studies.

Vitamin D3

There are researches that prove a testosterone boosting effect of this vitamin. Enough dose is 80 mcg per day. But the effect appears only in case of the regular long-term consumption.

In the product from this review, there is 50 mcg of vitamin D3 in each tablet. And it’s recommended to take 4 of them per day. So, the consumer of EVL Test receives 200 mcg of this vitamin daily. It’s enough for reaching the testosterone boosting effect.

Vitamin B6

A lack of this substance in the organism can provoke problems with the nervous system and troubles while falling asleep. So, the manufacturer has decided to add this component for ensuring better rest and recovery. As for official studies, they say that vitamin B6 can struggle against psychological distress, and make falling asleep easier this way.


This component is added to strengthen the effect of vitamin B6. Magnesium is also used for solving the problems with sleeping. And scientists say that this component is really effective in fighting insomnia. The dose used for the research was 500 mg. As for the dietary supplement we are overviewing, it contains 160 mg in 1 tablet, so, a person consumes 640 mg of magnesium while being treated with this remedy. 


Many manufacturers of different dietary supplements say that this microelement helps to boost testosterone. But the studies of this element are controversial. Some of them say that it can really increase testosterone in normal men. But others claim that it is effective only if the low level of testosterone was provoked by the lack of this element in the organism. All in all, it’s impossible to say for sure that this element is effective.

D-Aspartic Acid

This component is meant to increase the level of testosterone. But in fact, the official studies have proved the opposite effect. According to their conclusions, this substance in small doses (3 grams) has no effect at all, and a bigger quantity (6 grams) doesn’t increase but decreases the level of the men’s hormone.

Tribulus Terrestris

There is an opinion about this plant that it can improve athletic performance. But the study conducted by The Journal of Strength and Condition Research has proved it to be wrong. The experiment on rugby players has shown that strength and muscle weight has increased equally in two groups (the one treated by Tribulus Terrestris and another one that didn’t consume this plant). So, this herbal component is not effective in boosting testosterone or improving training results.

Fenugreek Seed

This component is really useful. It was proven by the research that it can increase the level of testosterone if being consumed regularly.

DIM (diindolylmethane)

This component is useful for the prostate but doesn’t help to increase the testosterone level. 


EVL Test Side Effects

Though there are no warnings about the adverse reactions in the official instruction the multiple reviews from customers tell that there are some. The most widespread are:

  • headaches;
  • pane in the stomach.

Also, many people complain about difficulties while falling asleep. This fact can’t be explained by the present components because some of them are proved to help to fight insomnia. But this paradox really exists as there is a really big number of such reviews.

Does EVL Test Really Work?

This product is a dietary supplement, not a medication, and is not tested and registered by the FDA. So, it’s possible to judge it only from the official researches of the separate components and EVL Test reviews from the customers.

So, talking about the components everything is ambiguous. Some of the ingredients really work, others do not, and some of them even have the opposite effect (reduce the level of testosterone instead of increasing it).

Judging by reviews, there are many negative of them. People complain of the low effectivity and a big number of unpleasant side effects.

So, if you want to get the warranted effect without significant adverse reactions, choose another testosterone booster. Fortunately, there is a wide range of them in the modern market.


If you are still interested in this product, find the answers to some important questions about it.

How much is EVL Test and Where to Buy it?

This product can be bought on the official site of EVL and in different stores of dietary supplements distributors. The average cost if $30 per 120 tablets (this number is enough for 30 days of treatment).

Is EVL Test Safe?

Though this is not a medication, it doesn’t mean that it’s 100% safe.

First of all, it contains vitamins and microelements, and their improper usage can be harmful to your health. So, despite the fact you don’t need a prescription for buying this product, be sure to consult with a doctor before consuming it.

Secondly, many people who have been treated with EVL Test notice significant side effects. Among them are headaches, stomach pains, and many others. So, if you look for a product with minimal side effects, this is not your choice.

And finally, there are some contraindications. This dietary supplement is not appropriate for:

  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • the people with an intolerance of any ingredients present in the tablets;
  • those who have the diseases of the kidneys or the liver;
  • those who are getting ready for some operations (they should stop consuming this product two weeks before surgery).

Moreover, it can be harmful in case of the long-term usage. It is recommended to take pills not more than for three months, and then make a pause for one month.

Is EVL Test Legal?

This is not a medication, so, the selling is not controlled. You don’t need any prescriptions from a physician for purchasing. And the product is absolutely legal because there are no forbidden components in it.