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The testosterone level lowering is a very widespread problem among middle-aged men. But nobody wants to lose their strength. For every man, it’s important to be healthy in all the meanings of this word. So, it’s necessary to keep the male hormone on the normal level with the help of medications. And today we will overview one of the remedies that help to enhance the level of testosterone in the blood. In this Axiron review, you will find all the details about this product: what it is, what components it consists of, is it effective or not, what side effects it has, and many other important facts.

What is Axiron?

This is the testosterone booster, a product which contains the artificially created men’s hormone and helps to enhance its level in the human organism.

Who needs Axiron?

The medications from this group are used for treating the people who suffer from a lowered testosterone level. It can be identified by the following symptoms:

  • sexual dysfunction;
  • low libido;
  • the permanent feeling of tiredness;
  • reduction of muscular and osseous tissues;
  • depression.

Of course, it is better to confirm that there is a lack of testosterone in the organism by providing the blood test. It’s needed for excluding any other reasons for the low libido and impotence (for example, the can be caused by psychological factors). Axiron can help only if these problems came from the lowering of men’s hormone level in the blood.

How does Axiron work?

The regular usage of this remedy helps to bring additional testosterone to the organism. And increasing the level of this hormone in the blood leads to:

  • feeling more active;
  • training more resultative because this hormone is needed for muscle growth;
  • having more qualitative sex life (libido will increase, and the erection will be stronger).

How does Axiron look like and how to use it?

Axiron is released in the form of a spray for applying on the skin under your arms. Then it soaks in. And this way the active component reaches the bloodstream.

It is recommended to use this product every day at the same time. The most appropriate time for applying Axiron is after the shower. If you are used to using the deodorant at this time then do it before applying Axiron, not vice versa. You should wait for 2 minutes for a deodorant to soak in before using the remedy. If you want to take a shower, a bath, or go swimming, you can’t do this earlier than two hours after you have applied the testosterone booster on your skin.

Axiron Ingredients

The main and only active component is testosterone. A men’s hormone in Axiron is artificially synthesized in the laboratory. This substance influences the organism in the same way that the natural hormone does. So, as long as you use the product regularly, you can feel that:

  • you have got more vital energy;
  • your erection is better;
  • your libido is higher;
  • you gain muscle weight faster.

But is everything so good? Sometimes the positive effect is spoilt by the numerous side effects. We will overview them now.

Axiron Side Effects

This remedy can provoke a lot of undesirable effects. The most widespread of them, according to the Axiron reviews from the people who have used it and the instruction (page 7), are:

  • Redness of the skin in underarms.
  • Itching and burning of the skin.
  • Headache.
  • Increased blood pressure. It can be identified by such symptoms as a severe headache and blurred vision. But often, it can develop with no symptoms. So, it’s better to measure the blood pressure while getting treatment with the help of Axiron.
  • The effects related to the increased level of red blood cells: redness of the face, pain in muscles, dizziness.
  • Frequent changes of mood, nightmares.
  • Feeling nauseous and vomiting.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Too long and too frequent erections.

Also, there are more serious but not so widespread side effects. Among them, there are:

  • The effects connected with the prostate problems: frequent urinations, difficulties and painful feelings while urinating.
  • Pain in breasts, the feeling of swelling, growth of breasts in men (gynecomastia).
  • The effects related to heart problems: swelling in limbs, shortness of breath.
  • Fast gaining of weight.
  • Blood clots. They cause such symptoms as pain in the chest, coughing (if a clot is in the lungs), pain, swelling, and redness if it is situated in one of the limbs.
  • Problems with the liver. Their signs are nauseousness, pain in the upper part of the stomach, bad appetite, tiredness, dark color of urine, yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes.

Does Axiron Really Work?

As this remedy contains testosterone, it enhances its level in blood. Regular supplying the organism with additional men’s hormone can help some problems caused by its lowered level. But the effectiveness of Axiron depends on the accuracy of its usage. You should follow all the doctor’s instructions to reach the best effects. This means that you should apply Axiron in the right dosages, every day without any missings, and at approximately the same time, after shower on the clean and dry skin. If you neglect the regularity of the usage you will be disappointed with the effectiveness of this product. So, it’s better to choose another, more effective variant.


Here are the answers to the most widespread and important questions about Axiron.

Is Axiron Safe?

As this is a serious medication that contains hormones, there are some risks in its usage. Here are some of them:

    • It can’t be used by people with serious health problems. You can’t be treated with this medication if you’ve ever had an allergic reaction to other medications that contain testosterone. Also, this product is not for those who suffer from an enlarged prostate, cancer of the prostate, heart problems, sleep apnea, diabetes, the diseases of the liver, or kidneys. Moreover, the remedy can’t be prescribed to the people who have ever had blood clots.


  • Sometimes it provokes allergy. Its symptoms are urticaria and swelling in the place of applying, having trouble breathing. In case of the signs of allergy immediately stop using the product and consult with a doctor.
  • It can’t be used while treating with some other medications. Axiron is not compatible with Insulin, blood thinners (Warfarin, Coumadin, and others), steroids (Sterapred, Medrol, and others). If you are using some of these medications, you can’t use Axiron.
  • It shouldn’t contact with the skin of other people. It is dangerous because the too high level of testosterone in the organism is harmful. So, healthy men, women (especially those who are pregnant or breast-feed a child), and kids shouldn’t contact with the product in any way. Otherwise, if the remedy regularly gets on their skin, there can appear abnormal hair growth on the women’s body, acne, the signs of the fastened sexual development in children, and other problems. So, to make it impossible for other people to contact with the medication, keep Axiron in the right place, and don’t apply it on your hands. Also, don’t try to rub it to the skin of armpits with your fingers. Furthermore, there is the research which says that some quantity of the remedy can be found on the clothes which a patient wears. And even on the clothes that were washed in the washing machine together with the clothes worn by the people who use Axiron. So, to make sure that you use the remedy safely for the people who surround you, don’t let anyone else wear your clothes and try not to wash your clothes together with the one of someone else.


Axiron vs Androgel: What’s better?

These products are very similar because they contain the same active component. Also, both of them are topical solutions. So, it’s difficult to say which one of them is better. The main advantage of Axiron in comparison with Androgel is that this product is more convenient to use. You should just apply it on your armpits like a deodorant, unlike Androgel which you have to rub into the skin of your shoulders or stomach. But a big minus is that Axiron is flammable, and you can’t smoke until the remedy soaks in.

Other aspects are rather similar: there are the same side effects and contraindications. Also, both products show effect only if you use them in a long-term way. And there are other remedies which work faster and better.

Is Axiron Legal?

This medication is produced by the official pharmaceutical factories. So, it’s possible to say that it’s legal. But talking about purchasing of Axiron, the prescription from a doctor is needed for this. If you do not have one, you can’t buy this medication legally. Some companies try to get around the law and sell fake prescriptions for testosterone boosters. But, of course, buying such documents, is illegal.

Where to Buy Axiron and How Much is it?

This product is available in numerous drugstores: both online and offline. You can easily buy it at any of them if you’ve got a prescription from a doctor.

The price can vary depending on the seller. But on average, 90 ml of this spray costs approximately $400.