What is Anadrol?

Anadrol (Oxymetholone, Anadrol 50) is one of the most powerful pill-shaped anabolic steroids on the market today. It is commonly referred to as Anapolon or Anadrol.

Substances intended for these purposes are very often used in the world of sports to increase productivity.

Anadrol has established itself as the best drug that helps to build not only strength but also muscle mass.

This drug was discovered in the 1960s in Mexico by RandallLaboratories. In the same year, the American company SyntexPharmaceuticals introduced it as a medicine for severe cases of anemia and muscle wasting.

In the 60s, athletes actively used Oxymetholone to achieve their goals, but by the beginning of the 90s, the production of the substance was prohibited. As is usually the case with popular drugs, Anadrol was immediately found a replacement, but the steroid analog did not take root in the market. Today you can buy two names of this anabolic steroids: Anapolon-50 and Oxymetholone-50.

Initially, Anapolons proved to be an excellent tool for treating various types of anemia; its use stimulated the production of endogenous erythropoietin in patients, which significantly increased the number of red blood cells in the blood. 

The use of Anadrol for the treatment of many types of blood cancer is associated with this property. With the advent of synthetic erythropoietin, Syntex stopped the production and distribution of the drug in the United States in 1993, and after a while, Oxymetholone was removed from the nomenclature in other countries. 

Athletes around the world with horror foresaw the final departure of the drug from their lives. And everything would be bad if not for HIV / AIDS. To the great joy of the sports community, research in this direction made oxymetholone sparkle with its new facets. Its amazing ability to prevent muscle loss in HIV / AIDS patients was discovered, in addition to everything, a conclusion was drawn about the relative safety of its use in such cases. The interest was so strong that since 1998, Androl had been re-sold in the United States.

Oxymetholone is considered a terribly harmful drug. Everyone is sure that it just destroys the liver, covers the athletes with thick hair causes baldness.

Anadrol is also famous for its monstrous ability to retain water in the athlete’s body. True, for the majority of athletes who use it, this does not spoil the mood at all, since they feel such power and see metamorphoses in the mirror that any counterargument fades. 

Muscles become more “full,” athletes note an incredible feeling of pumping during training. Moreover, an avalanche-like increase in body weight can play a cruel joke with an athlete. It is no secret that muscles and ligaments grow at different speeds. Torn pectoral muscles and torn biceps are typical injuries of oxymetholone lovers.

Legal Anadrol Alternative


Main Uses of Anadrol

  • The treatment of osteoporosis and anemia
  • Used to treat hereditary angioedema, HIV / AIDS depletion syndrome, and some types of breast cancer in women.
  • To help emaciated patients gain weight after serious injuries, serious illnesses or persistent infections
  • Underdeveloped children and patients who cannot maintain a normal weight for unexplained medical reasons can also benefit from this treatment.

Anadrol Cycle and Dosage

In most cases, Anadrol is used during weight gain in the off-season. It is used at the very beginning of a long steroid course to dramatically “start” the work of the entire set of drugs. It works very quickly, shows its activity almost immediately, while its synergistic interaction with other steroid compounds is noted. According to Anadrol reviews, this happens largely due to the property of Oxymetholone to lower the level of sex hormone-binding globulin and its weak ability to bind to the androgen receptor.

As a rule, the initial dosage of Anadrol is 50 mg per day. For many “bodybuilding enthusiasts,” it will be sufficient. But some may need to increase the dosage to 150 mg per day. The bravest people manage to eat 300 mg per day. It is worth noting that a few units of athletes note any changes compared with a dosage of 150 mg per day, provided that the drug is used in combination with other AAS.

The only advice that can be given here is to wait at least a couple of days before increasing the dosage to make sure that you really do not have the current dosage of the drug. 

It should be noted that for 100 mg of Anadrol per day, many users generally lose their appetite.

The duration of oxymetholone intake should not exceed 4-6 weeks. Not so much because of the negative effect on the liver (it is greatly exaggerated), but also because after 6 weeks of use, it begins to decrease its effectiveness sharply. 

In fact, the peak effect of the drug is observed up to the 4th week of admission. Then a noticeable drop in recoil is noted, which makes many athletes “gesture” with dosages. 

In 4 weeks, Anadrol will already do its job and will have to transfer the baton to other drugs in the combination that you use. 

What to Put it With?

Oxymetholone should always be put on course in combination with a significant dose of testosterone. Together they will give an impressive effect. You can also add any nandrolones and trenbolone to the course.

Some athletes also use the drug in the leaning phase. 

Anadrol pill allows athletes to maintain muscle fullness in even a very strict diet. It must be remembered that, as previously mentioned, the drug strongly retains water. And its proper use in the final phase of preparation for competitions depends, first of all, on the athlete’s experience. 

This drug will not forgive dietary mistakes. As a rule, the reception begins 4 weeks before the performance. The dosage is a minimum of 50 mg per day. A couple of hours before entering the scene, athletes often consume Anadrol in a shock dosage of 300-400 mg.

What does official science say about Anadrol dosage

Oxymetholone is one of the few steroids in which the dose-response curve is very flattened. From 50 mg per day, the increase will be just good. If we take 100 mg per day, the Anadrol results will already be “very” good. But from 150 mg per day, the increase remains the same as from the previous dosage, but the likelihood of side effects increases

Anadrol Side Effects

Anadrol has always been surrounded by scary stories of insane side effects. However, most side effects come out when the levels of estradiol in the body are too high. It is interesting that the drug does not aromatize since it is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (yes, contrary to popular belief, Oxymetholone is not a derivative of nandrolone). There are many suggestions as to why its administration is accompanied by the occurrence of estrogenic side effects.

Indeed, gynecomastia is a very frequent athlete’s companion for Oxymetholone. It is believed that it has progestogen activity similar to nandrolones. 

Estrogens and progestins

In terms of side effects, estrogens and progestins are very similar, and at first glance, the version seems plausible. 

But, fortunately, there are medical studies that shed light on this issue. During one of them, the presence of progestogen activity of various steroids was tested, including nandrolone, norethandrolone, methandrostenolone, testosterone, and Oxymetholone. 

Progestogen effects

The findings of the unequivocal study suggest that neither Oxymetholone nor methandrostenolone showed any significant progestogen effects. 

A small progestogen activity was observed in testosterone and strong in nandrolone and norethandrolone. One way or another, an indisputable fact is that if the level of estradiol in the body is under control, then you should not be afraid of serious side effects from Oxymetholone. 

In this case, estradiol is best controlled using aromatase inhibitors or by using not too high dosages of aromatizing preparations (which, of course, will reduce the effectiveness of the mass-gaining course). If the moment is missed, you will have to use antiestrogens such as clomid, tamoxifen, and toremifene.

Anavar vs Anadrol

Any reader of this article will wonder about which drug is more effective – Anavar or Anadrol. 

While taking a combination of testosterone enanthate and nandrolone decanoate at different times, Oxymetholone was included for four weeks, in a dosage of 50-100 mg per day, and Anavar for the same period in a dosage of 50-75 mg per day.

  • Strength: both drugs provided an identical significant increase in strength indicators.
  • Stamina: Anavar is better. Cardio and overall muscle endurance on Oxymetholone were significantly worse.
  • Pumping: In the first week of taking Anadrol, it seemed that the skin might just burst during training. Anavar also provides good pumping, but it does not go to any comparison with pumping from Anadrol. On Oxymetholone, it was necessary to significantly reduce hand training precisely because of the wildly painful pumping.

Legal Anadrol Alternative: Anadrole

Anadrole is an alternative to Anadrol that is not banned in any country. By taking only 2 pills of this drug per day before breakfast, you can achieve:

  • The growth of power indicators. The drug significantly increases strength, due to which it can be used by competing powerlifters and weightlifters. The increase in indicators is caused by an increase in muscle mass and the accumulation of a large amount of glycogen. 
  • Beneficial effect on joints and ligaments due to fluid retention and increased prolactin, which indirectly affects the elasticity and strength of the joint-ligamentous apparatus. 
  • Decreased SHBG (sex hormone-binding, globulin). This feature allows you to enhance the effect of other drugs used on the background of Anadrole. In simple terms, it can be said that the drug makes muscle and other body tissues more sensitive to testosterone.


Is Anadrol Safe?

Anadrol is safe only terms of use under the thorough eye of your personal doctor.

Is Anadrol Legal?

No, Anadrol is a banned substance but which has a great alternative, which doesn’t cause such terrible side effects.

How to take Anadrol?

The drug is best taken from the age of 21. The duration of the course should be from about 4 to 6 weeks, no more, since the drug is very hepatotoxic. The initial dosage should be no more than 50 mg/day, and then, if necessary, gradually increase the dosage to 100 mg.

Where to buy Anadrol?

You can buy Anadrol for sale only from laboratories which produce this substance against the law.