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Many sportsmen are not satisfied with the results of their training. And the reason for this can be a hormone imbalance. So, more and more dietary supplements are being developed in order to help in solving this problem. Today we will look at one of them. In this Alpha Prime review, you will find out what it is, how effective it is, what side effects are possible, and all the other important issues.

What is Alpha Prime?

This is a dietary supplement for sportsmen. According to the words of the manufacturer, it is expected to:

  • support the normal level of testosterone (men’s hormone);
  • decrease the level of estrogens (the women’s hormones that are present in the men’s organism in small numbers, but there shouldn’t be too much of them);
  • deal with cortisol (the hormone of stress that is harmful to the human body);
  • help to gain muscles and lose fat faster and easier.

In order to get these effects, a person should take 2 capsules 1 or 2 times a day while having meals.

But does this dietary supplement really work? Let’s look at the components this product consists of.

Alpha Prime Ingredients

All of the components are of plant origin. There are no hormones or medical active agents in this dietary supplement. Though this may seem to be safer, the effectiveness can be lower.

So, here is the list of all the ingredients of this product and the overview of their properties.

Broccoli sprouts powder

Many resources claim that consuming this plant can boost testosterone. But the official studies haven’t proved this fact.

Kale powder

Actually, this component is useful for people’s health. There is some evidence that it can lower the blood pressure and normalize the level of sugar in the blood. But there is no reliable information about the influence of this ingredient on the level of testosterone.

Raphanus Sativus fruit powder

There is a study that shows the effectiveness of the seeds of this plant in treating a low testosterone level. But there is no data about the effect of its fruit.

Rosemary extract

This component is useful for human health because it has antioxidant properties. But as for its influence on the hormone balance, it can’t be called good for men. There is research that shows Rosemary extract to lower the level of serum testosterone significantly.

Citrus lemon peel extract

It is proven by scientists that citrus peels increase the level of testosterone. But there is no exact data about the needed dose.

Kelp leaf extract

Scientists prove that this plant has an anti-estrogen effect. So, it is present in these capsules as a component for reducing the level of estrogens.

Rice extract

It contains gamma oryzanol, a substance that can increase the level of testosterone. But as this component are far from the first in the list of ingredients in the official description of this dietary supplement, it is possible to make a conclusion that there is very few of it in capsules. The exact number of it is not specified. So, we can’t be sure that there is enough of it for getting a significant effect.

Cacao fruit powder

The data about the testosterone boosting effect of cacao is widespread in different sources, but there are no studies that prove it. There is only research that says this product is useful for the cardiovascular system. 

Acacia Gum

There are some studies that say that this plant has the opposite effect. For example, this one has shown that Acacia decreases the level of testosterone.

Extract of the root of Tongkat Ali

It seems to be the most useful component in this dietary supplement. This plant helps to overcome stress as it reduces the level of cortisol. Also, there is research that shows one more positive effect of Tongkat Ali, improving the strength of muscles both in men and women for more productive training. Moreover, this plant contains substances that increase the level of testosterone.

Alpha Prime Side Effects

There is a note in the official description of this product, that it contains the traces of strong allergens (nuts, soy, wheat). So, one of the side effects is allergy. No other data about adverse reactions is mentioned in the instruction. But still, this dietary supplement contains some ingredients that can provoke side effects. For example, consuming Tongkat Ali may lead to problems with falling asleep.

Does Alpha Prime Really Work?

As this is a dietary supplement, not a drug, its effect is not warranted. 

There are no researches on this product itself, so, we can be guided only by the studies about the separate components. 

There are many useless of them and just a few really working ones. 

So, their combination can’t give the warranted effect. Especially if we take into account that there are some components with the opposite effect. They can counteract the positive influence of the useful ingredients.

If you want not just to experiment, bot to be sure about the positive impact on your health then better choose another, more effective product.


Here are some more facts you should know about this product.

How Much is Alpha Prime and Where to Buy it?

This product is easy to find in different stores that distribute dietary supplements and on eBay. The average price is $60 – $70 for 60 capsules and about $90 for the package of 120 capsules.

Is Alpha Prime Safe?

  • It can’t be used by teenagers under 15. This dietary supplement is harmful to those whose puberty hasn’t finished.
  • There are traces of the components with high allergenicity (nut, soy, or wheat proteins). So, if you are allergic to these ingredients you can’t take these capsules.

Is Alpha Prime Legal?

This dietary supplement is not prohibited by law. It doesn’t contain any components which may seem to be forbidden. Alpha Prime selling is not strictly controlled. So, you don’t need a prescription from a doctor for buying it.