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The symptoms of low testosterone in men can manifest themselves as early as at the age of 30, but most men prefer not to opt for prescription testosterone medications before they try a more natural approach. Ageless Male is one of the products that promise to mildly increase your testosterone levels, but does it really work? Check out our Ageless Male review to find out!

What is Ageless Male?

Ageless Male is a free testosterone booster produced by New Vitality, which is a US-based company known for producing many dietary supplements for every health problem and condition. Ageless Male is one of their best-selling products that has been around for more than 15 years and has sold over a million bottles.

At one point, Ageless Male became so popular at one point that New Vitality released a supposedly more potent successor, Ageless Male Max, although the Ageless Male Max reviews so far have been far from perfect.

On its website and Amazon page, Ageless Male makes some pretty standard claims for a test booster. Here are the benefits Ageless Male promises to each of their customers:

  • Boost the production of free testosterone in your body and help your body maintain healthy testosterone levels;
  • Give you more physical strength and energy to help you succeed in everyday tasks and challenges that demand performance;
  • Help you achieve your dream body by reducing the amount of body fat and growing lean muscles instead;
  • Improve your sex life by boosting your libido, increasing the flow of blood to your pelvic area, and make your orgasms more intense.
  • Make your body more adaptable to various situations, including stress and anxiety.

Overall, Ageless Male is marketed as the go-to supplement for men with decreasing testosterone production who want to get back to the physical form, sex drive, and state of mind they had when their testosterone levels were normal. But does Ageless Make actually deliver on its promises?

If everything promised by New Vitality was true, we would name Ageless Male the top testosterone booster available right now without any hesitation. However, there have been numerous ageless Male Complaints from customers who not only did not get the promised results, but also experienced uncomfortable side effects.

Ageless Male Ingredients

After seeing the variety of claims made by the manufacturers of Ageless Male, we were fully ready to see a huge list of ingredients and possibly a proprietary blend containing dozens of components. Imagine our surprise when we found out that there are only four Ageless Male ingredients.

That’s right, the formula of Ageless Male contains just four ingredients. So what exactly can you find in every Ageless Male cap? These are the four ingredients included in the supplement:

  • Vitamin B6

There is no doubt that vitamin B6 is an essential nutrient that has a variety of benefits for our health. However, there are very few instances where vitamin B6 was linked to the increased production of testosterone. There was one study, which was conducted on rats, which demonstrated the link between vitamin B6 deficiency and decreased testosterone level, but it will take a lot more research to see a more direct correlation.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium is another Ageless Male ingredient that does not directly affect the production of testosterone by your body, even though there are many benefits of including magnesium into your diet. Magnesium is able to boost the level of testosterone in the blood, but only when it is combined with intense and regular workouts. In addition to that, magnesium also supports your cardiovascular health and helps you maintain healthy bones.

  • Zinc

Zinc is often named as the most important mineral for sexual wellness, but its direct effect on the production of testosterone has not been studied extensively enough. In fact, the most popular study about the effect of zinc on testosterone production was published almost forty years ago. However, zinc has been found to have other men’s health benefits, including boosting the libido, increasing endurance, and preventing prostate problems.

  • Fenugreek

Fenugreek may be the only Ageless Male ingredient that has been proven to have a noticeable effect on the production of testosterone. It can also increase the frequency and quality of erections, boost sex drive, and give you more stamina in bed. However, Ageless Male contains just 300mg of fenugreek seed extract in one serving, while the recommended amount of the extract to take in a day is 500-600mg.

While it’s a good thing that the formula of Ageless Male does not contain any filler ingredients, we found at least two problems with it. One, not every ingredient is directly linked to the increased production of testosterone, which is the main reason why you may consider taking this supplement. Two, the formula is extremely limited and is missing some essential testosterone boosting ingredients such as red ginseng and vitamin D.

What are Ageless Male Side Effects?

Unsurprisingly, New Vitality claims their supplement is completely free of any side effects. According to the company, the reason for that is the clear and natural formula that does not contain caffeine or other stimulants known for their multiple adverse effects.

It’s true that on their own, the Ageless Male ingredients such as vitamin B6 or zinc are not known for their side effects, particularly if you have a medically proven deficiency of any of those substances in your body. However, there is something about the combination of all four ingredients that causes some Ageless Male buyers to experience the following side effects:

  • Headaches and elevated blood pressure;
  • Irritability, unexplained anger, and mood swings;
  • Noticeable weight gain;
  • Bloating and stomach cramps;
  • Nausea and constipation;
  • Decrease in sex drive;
  • Loss of energy and strength.

It’s clear that in some cases, Ageless Male actually causes the conditions it promises to get rid of and prevent. Of course, it is not guaranteed that you will experience any, let alone all the potential side effects listed there. Still, there is always a possibility that you will develop a personal reaction to any of the ingredients or the supplement simply won’t work for your condition.

You should be particularly careful when starting to take Ageless Male if you are currently taking another medication or have other conditions you feel may interfere with the supplement. You should consult a medical professional before beginning to take Ageless Male and in case you develop any side effects.

Does Ageless Male Really Work?

To answer the question “Does Ageless Male work?”, we only had to do two things: look at the formula of the supplement and check out the reviews of the product on the internet. We have already talked about the formula and how it’s not nearly advanced and complete enough to guarantee any sizeable results. But what about the opinions from regular customers?

After searching the web, we hardly found any Ageless Male reviews where the customer noticed the advertised effects. Some men reported an increase in their sex drive and strength, but most of them combined taking the supplement with regular workouts, so there is no way to know what exactly facilitated the change.

Ageless Male Pricing

One bottle of Ageless Male currently retails for $49.95 on the official New Vitality online store, which places it somewhere in the middle of pricing variety for test boosters. You can also slightly bring down the cost of a single bottle if you opt to buy more bottles at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ageless Male safe?

Judging only by the formula, we would call Ageless Male a safe yet not very effective dietary supplement. However, taking into account multiple reports of Ageless Male side effects, we cannot assert that Ageless Male is a completely safe product, since there is a chance you will experience some of the adverse effects.

Is Ageless Male a scam?

Ageless Male is not something we would call a scam, since the formula of the supplement is clearly described on the package and there have been reports that it does help some customers reach their goals. Still, we don’t think Ageless Male is the most reputable testosterone boosting supplement out there.

How long does it take for Ageless Male to work?

Now that you know what is Ageless Male, you are probably still wondering: how long does it take for Ageless Male to work? Since Ageless Male is not a regular medication and is only a dietary supplement, you should not expect an immediate effect from it. Most people claim they were able to see any results from Ageless Male only after about a month.

Where to buy Ageless Male?

Ageless Male is sold on the New Vitality official website, but it’s not the only place to buy it. You can also buy Ageless Male from Amazon and several other online retailers, but we suggest looking at other options on the market before going for Ageless Male.